UNT Resources

UNT Campus Map
Map of Campus Buildings and Parking Lots.

Floor Plans (Login with EUID and password)
Don’t have access to view floor plans? 
Office Size Standards
Office sizes based on employee title and classification.

Design Guidelines
Facilities Design Guidelines used for renovation and new construction projects.

Hazardous Building Materials
Risk Management information regarding asbestos, indoor air quality, chemicals and radiation, and environmental spills, incidents, and violations.

Space Management Glossary
Glossary of terms commonly used by Space Management, Facilities, and architectural/design firms.

Space Management Data Exchange Flow Chart
Explains data input and output flow from the FM Systems Space Management Data System.

UNT Policies
List of all UNT Policies.

UNT System Policies
List of all System Policies.

Space Assignment and Management Policy (11.002)
Policy regarding the assignment, reassignment, alteration, reclassification, capacity, use, or function of all space on campus.

Research Space Assignment Policy (11.011)
Policy regarding the assignment and reassignment of research space and the categories of research space.

Facilities Use Coordination Policy (11.001) – Currently Under Review
Policy regarding types of use and priority scheduling of campus rooms and buildings.

State and Federal Resources

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)
Home page for the THECB.

Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) Classroom & Class Lab Manual (THECB)
Explains the criteria and algorithm used by the THECB in calculating Demand, Utilization, and Percent Fill for classrooms and class laboratories for Texas institutions.

Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) Calculation Cheat Sheet
Summary of metrics used in calculating classroom and class laboratory utilization efficiency.

Space Projection Model Manual (THECB)
Explains the criteria and algorithm used by the THECB in calculating institutional space needs in Teaching, Library, Research, Office, and Support spaces.

Facilities Inventory of Texas Institutions (THECB)
Search tool used to view building and room information for higher education institutions in the state of Texas.

Appendices to CBM Reporting Manuals (THECB) 2015
Explanation of required codes (space use, function, etc.) and classifications (instructional program codes – CIP) used in completing CBM reports and the annual Space Survey.

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Codes
A taxonomic scheme for secondary and postsecondary instructional programs.  The CIP is the accepted federal and State statistical standard used in coding instructional program classifications.

Construction Cost Standards 2011-2017 (THECB)
Summary of new construction and renovation costs per square foot outlined by the THECB to be used as a guide in determining rough cost.  Summary is broken down by facility type for laboratories, offices, classrooms, and other areas.

Construction Cost Calculator (THECB)
THECB worksheet to assist in calculating new construction or renovation cost for rough estimating purposes.  To be used in tandem with the THECB Construction Cost Standards.

Federal Research Regulations
Federal code and acquisition regulations, NIH and NSF resources, Cost Principles (OMB Circular A21), and Administrative Requirements for grants (OMB Circular A110).